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The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) is requesting applications for three, part-time Graduate Student Fellows (GSFs) positions for Spring semester 2017. Completed applications are due by Monday, November 15, 2016.

The CFE’s GSF Program provides a unique opportunity for graduate students who are interested in faculty development. Based on Fellows’ experiences, goals, and skills, GSFs will be assigned to work with CFE staff members from one of the CFE program areas: Teaching and Learning, Research, or Leadership. Each GSF will assist the CFE staff member with ongoing programming as well as complete a project in faculty development that the Fellow designs and works on during the course of the semester. In turn, the CFE staff members will guide the GSFs and provide professional development to help the GSFs meet the career goals they identify as part of their applications.

In addition to providing valuable assistance with the CFE’s programming, the GSF Program is intended to support the personal and professional development of Fellows. The program offers Fellows opportunities to:

  • Learn about faculty development generally and more specifically in CFE’s unique approach to it
  • Develop a deeper awareness of faculty roles in teaching, research, and leadership
  • Research the faculty development literature to find evidence-based practices to share with faculty
  • Participate in CFE programs as a team member in a supportive, collegial environment
  • Shadow a CFE staff member at meetings and events
  • Contribute to CFE events by taking notes, providing feedback, or suggesting ways of meeting needs the GSF identifies
  • Be a part of a weekly GSF Learning Community to discuss faculty development topics and share experiences about their fellowships

Expectations: CFE GSFs will work 10 hours per week at the Center for Faculty Excellence from January 2017-May 2017. The CFE GSF will be expected to:

  • Participate in a two-week orientation at the beginning of the semester
  • Work with a CFE staff member on faculty development programs in either Teaching and Learning, Research, or Leadership
  • In collaboration with a CFE staff member, develop and complete a GSF project that contributes to an aspect of faculty development at the University
  • Participate in weekly meetings with the CFE staff member assigned to you
  • Take part in a GSF Learning Community facilitated by CFE staff
  • Present a 10-15-minute presentation of your project to CFE staff, the Dean of the Graduate School, and invited guests
  • Participate in the evaluation of the GSF Program, including pre-, mid-, and end-of-semester assessments to understand better what students got out of being fellows in the GSF Program


  • A current graduate student (Master’s, PhD, or in a professional graduate program) who has had already a minimum of three semesters as a graduate student
  • Demonstrated interest in faculty development and a desire to learn more about faculty development to share with others


Each GSF will receive $5,000.00 for one semester; GSFs will be paid biweekly for no more than ten hours a week of work.

Applications Deadline:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Application Materials:

  1. Cover sheet including name of applicant, department, mailing address, home and work telephone numbers, and email address
  2. Letter of support from the Chair of the applicant’s department
  3. Curriculum vitae that clearly describes the applicant’s background and accomplishments both at the University and elsewhere, if applicable
  4. Personal statement on why you are interested faculty development; why being a GSF is relevant to your career goals; and what you see as possible faculty development ideas in the areas of Teaching and Learning, Research, or Leadership that you would like to focus on as a Fellow for CFE (1-page limit)

Please save the application materials as a PDF document (with your last name as the name of the document, e.g., smith.pdf) and email it to Donna Bailey, Graduate Student Teaching and Learning Consultant, at

If you do not receive an email confirmation within 72 hours, please contact

Once we have a short list of candidates, Donna Bailey will schedule a brief interview with you and the GSF Review Committee to discuss your interests in faculty development and being a GSF.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about the CFE?

Please visit our website: and find information about the CFE staff, mission, programs, and upcoming events.


When will I be notified about whether I will be interviewed for the GSF Program?

We will notify you no later than December 5, 2016.


When will the GSF Program begin and end?

We will hold the first day of the GSF Orientation on January 11, 2017, and the last day will be May 9, 2017.


When will the GSF presentations be scheduled?

We will schedule the GSF presentations for the week of April 3, 2017.


Does the GSF program pay my tuition and health insurance?

No. As Graduate Assistants (i.e., not working as research assistants on faculty members’ research projects), GSFs are not eligible for tuition or health benefits.


I’m interested in learning more about faculty roles, but I do not have any experience in faculty development. Is the GSF Program appropriate for me?

Yes! We welcome all graduate students who have an interest in working on faculty development in the areas of Teaching and Learning, Research, and Leadership.


What are some sample projects or activities that I might work on?

We have a number of opportunities and programs for you to consider, including:

  • Working on CFE Course Design Institutes, which are three-day intensive workshops designed to introduce faculty to backward design in their teaching and give them a chance to redesign a part or all of a course. The Course Design Institutes will provide GSFs with an overview of the most current research and resources on helping faculty align their course objectives with their assessments.
  • Producing multi-media resources for faculty on topics in teaching, research, or leadership. For example, a GSF might design and produce a short animated piece for faculty leaders on how to give and receive feedback. Or, a GSF might make a brief video of an exemplary faculty member teaching and then interview that faculty member on the teaching approaches filmed. This activity will provide GSF with production experience as well as new uses for instructional technologies in faculty development.
  • Helping with the evaluation of programs at CFE, in particular the impact of programs offered by CFE. If a GSF takes part in this work, he or she will learn about quantitative and qualitative methods of program evaluation.
  • Conducting interviews with faculty or students on how the University can renovate its classrooms to engage students in active learning. This activity will introduce GSF to a wide range of administrators and offer a look at how large infrastructure projects on campus are accomplished.
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