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The Carolina Center for Public Service is currently seeking applicants for the following awards listed below.

Apply online through the Carolina Center for Public Service Application and Nomination Portal by Feb. 8.

The Carolina Center for Public Service oversees the annual selection of three campus-wide awards honoring individual students, faculty, staff and University units for exemplary public service and engaged scholarship. Award recipients are honored at a spring celebration where they receive a monetary award and framed certificate.

The Robert E. Bryan Public Service Award will be given for a specific effort (rather than an overall record) exemplifying outstanding engagement and service to the state of North Carolina. Bryan Awards will be given to recognize an outstanding

1) undergraduate student,

2) graduate student,

3) faculty member,

4) staff member and

5) officially recognized student organization.

The Office of the Provost Engaged Scholarship Award recognizes faculty members or university units for exemplary engaged scholarship in service to the state of North Carolina. The service should serve as an example of excellence, including responsiveness to community concerns and strong community partnerships. Three Provost awards will be given, one each for:

1) engaged teaching,

2) engaged research and

3) engaged partnership.

The Ned Brooks Award for Public Service honors the contributions and values of Ned Brooks, who has served the University since 1972, making significant contributions to the mission of service and engagement, including a leadership role in the development of the Carolina Center for Public Service. The award recognizes a staff or faculty member of the University community who throughout his/her career has, in a collaborative and sustained manner, made a difference in the larger community by:

1) encouraging active involvement of others in service to and engagement with the community beyond the University, and/or

2) directly providing public service beyond the University and

3) mentoring, inspiring and providing opportunities for others to effectively make a difference in the larger community.

The award is based on a sustained record of service over a period of years carried out through

the individual’s role(s) at the University rather than as a private citizen. All faculty and staff are

eligible. One award is given annually.


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