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The Campus Y Social Innovation Initiative is excited to announce that our 2019-2020 CUBE application is now live!
The CUBE 5.0 program at the Campus Y, in collaboration with Innovate Carolina and UNC Public Policy, is looking for undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning and developing social innovation and entrepreneurial skills while creating a social venture. Social innovation is more than just thinking about and producing a business idea or product — it’s about collaborating and creating ethical solutions to issues with communities for a greater good. We are looking for students with a commitment to social good to join us for 1 year of specialized programming and nurturing support, including 6 credit hours of dedicated instruction, seed funding, 1:1 mentoring, capacity building workshops, amongst other opportunities. Applications will be open from March 4th, 2019 to April 1st, 2019. If you have any questions during the process, please reach out to the Social Innovations Initiative Coordinator, Jaki Bonilla*, at We will also be available for office hours upon request to address any questions about your challenge/issue statement or the application.
Find the application here:
*Interested faculty and staff should also reach out directly to Jaki Bonilla.
For further inquiry about CUBE and past team ventures, check out the Social Innovation Initiative website at
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