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The Human Vaccines Project is now accepting preliminary applications for Michelson Prizes to support doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows, and early-career researchers in their work on human immunology, vaccine discovery, and immunotherapy. The 2020 Prizes will focus on high-impact and highly innovative research that has the potential to be applied across many diseases and to significantly expand understandings of the human immune system. Proposals will be reviewed by a committee of internationally-recognized scientists looking for research that challenges dogma and looks beyond convention to make a lasting impact on vaccine and immunotherapy research. Disciplines include: clinical research, biochemistry, molecular biology, protein engineering, computer science, AI/machine learning, biophysics, and bioengineering.

Applicants for the $150,000 prize must be under the age of 35. Initial applications will be accepted from September 9 — October 31, 2019. In December, select applicants will be chosen to submit a full application. Prizes will be awarded in June 2020. More information and the preliminary application is available on their website.

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