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About the H.F. Guggenheim Foundation

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation sponsors scholarly research on problems of violence, aggression, and dominance. The Foundation places a priority on the study of urgent problems of violence and aggression in the modern world and also encourages related research projects in neuroscience, genetics, animal behavior, the social sciences, history, criminology, and the humanities which illuminate modern human problems. Grants have been made to study aspects of violence related to youth, family relationships, media effects, crime, biological factors, inter-group conflict related to religion, ethnicity, and nationalism, and political violence deployed in war and sub-state terrorism, as well as processes of peace and the control of aggression.


About the H.F. Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowship

Ten or more fellowships of $20,000 each are designed to contribute to the support of the doctoral candidate to enable him or her to complete the thesis in a timely manner; doctoral students approaching their final year of PhD work are eligible to apply. Questions that interest the Foundation concern violence and aggression in relation to social change, inter-group conflict, war, terrorism, crime, and family relationships, among other subjects. Priority will be given to areas and methodologies not receiving adequate attention and support from other funding sources.


To apply

Applications for dissertation fellowships must be submitted online by February 1, 2020. To access the application portal, click here. For more information about the fellowship, click here.

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