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About the Water Resources Research Institute

The Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) of the University of North Carolina is part of a national system of 54 institutes authorized by the Water Resources Research Act of 1964, and represents a federal-state partnership between the US Geological Survey (USGS) and state land grant universities. The North Carolina WRRI is hosted by North Carolina State University.


About the 104(b) Grant

The WRRI is requesting proposals for research, engagement, and information transfer projects in the areas of water resources as prioritized by WRRI with input from the WRRI Advisory Committee, which comprises stakeholders of various water resources sectors and professions working throughout North Carolina. Guidance is also received from the Urban Water Consortium and the Stormwater Consortium, two WRRI-administered consortia representing drinking water/wastewater utilities and municipal stormwater programs around the state. There are four research priority areas: non-point source pollution management; drinking water, wastewater, and water infrastructure; groundwater and surface water; and watershed management. Research projects should be hypothesis-driven or contain clear research objectives. Proposals may address research questions and methods in the fields of social science, education, communications, natural science, engineering, economics, or policy, or a combination of these disciplines. Proposals that include meaningful public engagement, public participation, extension activities, or collaboration with members of the communities where research is to take place are encouraged.

Full proposals for student research may be submitted for 1-year projects only. The maximum award for a 1-year student project is $10,000. Only full-time graduate students in good academic standing attending an accredited college or university (public or private) in North Carolina may apply. Students must have a faculty sponsor who will serve as the official PI/applicant on the proposal. Proposed research must take place in the state of North Carolina.


To apply

Proposals must be submitted by July 13, 2020 to WRRI’s online proposal management system. For more information, see the request for proposals.

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