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Position Location: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University Career Services

University Career Services is currently accepting applications for a Peace Corps Strategic Campus
Recruiter position from returned, or returning, Peace Corps Volunteers who are or will be enrolled in a
UNC Chapel Hill graduate or professional school as of August 2022.

Position type: Part-time (20 hours/week)

This position is anticipated to begin in August and run through the end of the academic year.
Position Compensation: $25.00 per hour and graduate student health insurance coverage

Overview: The Peace Corps Strategic Campus (Strat) Recruiter will increase awareness of Peace Corps Volunteer opportunities on campus and in the surrounding community through a variety of recruitment activities, including, but not limited to: delivering class or club presentations, tabling in public, high-traffic areas on campus and/or at career fairs, organizing and facilitating application workshops and retention events, and developing relationships with key stakeholders on campus.

Depending on campus activities and recruitment events, evening and weekend hours may be required.

This position reports dually to Peace Corps and University Career Services.

This position requires candidates have strong organizational and communication skills, including the
ability to see tasks through to completion with little supervision, as well as demonstrated event
planning, public speaking and partnership-building experience.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Enrolled in a UNC Chapel Hill Graduate or Professional school as of August 2022
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills as this position requires a great deal of
    public speaking
  • Ability to work independently
  • Confidence in networking and outreach


  • Present class talks or presentations, including presentations to targeted diverse populations
    on campus
  • Complete application workshops, which coincide with Peace Corps’ application deadline
  • Staff recruitment tables (e.g. university career fairs, other events with similar goals and/or
    tabling public, high-traffic areas on campus)
  • Organize and facilitate retention events (e.g. send-off/welcome back volunteer parties, friends
    and family events, Peace Corps Week celebrations, and/or RPCV panels).
  • Hold relationship-building meetings (weighted toward early in the fall semester) with different
    key on-campus and community stakeholders that align with Peace Corps’ six sectors with the
    intention of gaining access to students
  • Hold relationship-building meetings with key on-campus diversity departments and leaders
    (multicultural/diversity offices, student transfer offices, student life offices, scholarship program
    offices, club leaders, Greek leaders, etc.) with the intention of gaining access to students
  • Post and hold at least 15 regular office hours per week to meet with potential and current

Educational/Professional Benefits

  • Develop strong organizational skills
  • Utilize and practice public presentation and promotion skills
  • Experience working with a governmental agency, campus offices and organization
  • Networking opportunities with Peace Corps as well as with other governmental, community
    and professional organizations

Send cover letter, resume and two references to Jacquelyn Gist
Final selection is contingent on approval from the Peace Corps

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