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The UNC School of Government Criminal Justice Innovation Lab (the Lab) is seeking a PhD student for a part-time (15-20 hours per week) Research Assistant position.

About the position

The Lab seeks to promote a fair and effective criminal justice system, public safety, and economic prosperity. It brings together a broad range of stakeholders to learn about criminal justice problems, supports their efforts to develop and implement innovative consensus solutions, and conducts empirical evaluations to help stakeholders measure the impact of their efforts. Our work spans three areas: 1) producing foundational research, including legal research, research summaries, and original empirical research, to spotlight opportunities for change; 2) conducting pilot projects supporting stakeholders’ efforts to develop, implement, and evaluate innovative solutions; and 3) creating ready-to-use legal and evidence-based tools flowcharts, templates, procedures, forms to allow stakeholders to tailor solutions to meet their needs. Our work focuses on ‘front end’ criminal justice issues, such as bail, policing, and overcriminalization.

The Graduate (PhD Student) Research Assistant will contribute to the Lab’s work in a variety of ways, including:

-Collaborating with Lab staff and project teams to collect, manage, and analyze data for ongoing pilot project evaluations and foundational research projects

-Designing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research to produce policy papers, reports, data briefs, and other deliverables

– Writing research summaries to examine key criminal justice system issues and communicate complex topics to broad audiences

The Graduate (PhD Student) Research Assistant will work closely with Lab staff and will have opportunities to engage with external research partners and stakeholders. Depending on the candidate’s skills and interests, they may take on other tasks as other project or organizational needs arise.


Required Qualifications

Currently enrolled in a doctoral program in criminology, criminal justice, public policy, economics, or related field

Proficiency with Stata, R, or similar software

Experience working with large data sets

Strong written communication skills

A genuine interest in the Lab’s work

Ability to work effectively in a nonpartisan, non-advocacy environment

Compensation: $25/hour

Visit this link to apply:

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