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About the position

The Graduate Coordinator is responsible for working with the Carolina Union Activities Board on the
organization and implementation of group development exercises/workshops as well as assisting in the planning of their programs and activities. The coordinator will actively develop their teaching, facilitation, and consultation skills with organizing team development exercises, along with expanding their leadership development and training skills. The coordinator will actively promote program planning, management/implementation, and evaluation skills with students. Specifically, the Graduate Coordinator will work with retreat planning and implementation, and committee development for the twelve Activities Board committees. The Graduate Coordinator is expected to develop and employ a working knowledge of the resources, services, programs, and activities available at a large, public university, to facilitate co-sponsorships, shared resources, and reduce duplications of programs and services.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Advise and support student staff in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a broad variety of
  • Provide leadership to and advise student volunteers in the planning of events officially sponsored by CUAB.
  • Serve as a member of the CUAB Advising team.
  • Support the programming board in marketing both campus programs and the organization’s image.
  • Advise large scale events, including coordination of student volunteers, vendors, campus partners, performers,
    budget, and other areas of the event
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings revolving around finances, large scale programs, sponsorships, and campus partners

Supervision and Management

  • Work with the Program Coordinator and other professional staff to select, advise, and evaluate the student staff
    that comprises the leadership of the organization
  • Support, plan and attend weekly team meetings, retreats and trainings.
  • Assist with over-all assessment of CUAB (quality of on-campus programming, programming trends at other
    institutions, effectiveness of UNC programming, types of programs students need and want to see on campus).
  • Assist in continuing development and maintenance of a long-term vision for a growing programming board while
    advising student staff and volunteers in the timely implementation of that vision.
  • Lead regularly scheduled one on one meetings with the CUAB chairs and coordinators

General Student Life & Leadership Responsibilities

  • Participate as an active member of the Student Life & Leadership team; attend meetings, retreats and trainings,
    and provide support to major department-wide programs.
  • Represent CUAB at various trainings, involvement and resource fairs, etc. as requested by other campus offices
    and organizations.
  • Perform other duties as identified with supervisor to enhance professional development and/or support the
    success of program areas/department.


  • An undergraduate degree and enrolled as full-time status in a graduate program for Fall 2022.
  • Experience organizing and managing multiple tasks with changing deadlines and priorities
  • Demonstrated experience managing and tracking projects independently
  • Understands concepts of multiculturalism and diversity and how they impact the campus community
  • Demonstrated personal qualities: sound decision making, creativity, organization, time management, diplomacy
    and integrity
  • Evidence of drive and initiative as demonstrated by personal experiences and previous employment (must be a

Terms of Employment:

  • August 1st through May 31st
  • End of period may change based on student status (i.e. cannot work past graduation)
  • Option for June employment contingent upon supervisor and director approval

Time Commitment:

  • Up to 25 hours per week
  • Schedule and hours to be planned, approved, and documented with supervisor
  • Can work up to 525 hours from August 1st – December 31st
  • Can work up to 525 hours from January 1st – May 31st
  • It is expected that Graduate Coordinators maintain office hours up to 25 hours per week with flexibility allowed
    for weekend and evening programs
  • Graduate Coordinators, with supervisor approval, can work more hours per week to provide flexibility to
    take time off during the following student breaks; fall, winter, and spring
  • Graduate Coordinators, with supervisor approval, can work less hours per week in order to support
    academic requirements

• $15.75/hour
• Bi-Weekly Pay Period (see UNC Pay Period Schedule)

How to apply

See interest form to apply.

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