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The Carolina Center for Public Service provides support for 6-8 Carolina graduate and professional students to share their expertise with undergraduates who are engaged in service in the community and on campus. Selected graduate students are required to propose and facilitate a skills training three times each semester for Buckley Public Service Scholars (BPSS) participants and participate in some other aspect of the program, such as co-facilitating a BPSS participant orientation, attending the BPSS senior dinner for participants or helping with the review process of BPSS portfolios submitted by graduating seniors and participate in a panel. While completing these requirements, each graduate student receives a $1,600 stipend.


Applications to be a 2022-2023 BPSS graduate assistant will close Wednesday, Sept. 7. Graduate and professional students can apply online through the CCPS Application and Nomination Portal. Please share this opportunity with graduate or professional students in your networks who may be interested in working with BPSS participants.

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