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Work Schedule and Rate: This position will be part-time, 15-20 hours per week, year-round or academic year, $15/hour.

Proposed Start Date: September 2016

Description of Work: The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) Research arm is searching for an Administrative Assistant to help the CFE Research Coordinator with administrative support tasks related to CFE research programming and limited submission awards. For the CFE research programming, support tasks can include setting up registrations, assistance with preparing for CFE research events, helping with program evaluations and tracking data, and updating the research programming content on the CFE website. Another support task will be to review the higher education literature to identify relevant research-related faculty development articles for CFE’s Professional Interest Manager (PIM).

Limited submission awards are those where the number of applications an institution may submit for nomination is limited to one or a few submissions. Academic institutions are invited to nominate promising investigators—usually faculty, particularly junior faculty–with a high likelihood of making seminal contributions in a particular area of research and/or scholarship, often in the basic or biomedical sciences. CFE Research coordinates the internal reviews to determine the faculty member(s) who will be nominated from UNC-CH to compete for the awards. For limited submission awards, support tasks will include taking detailed notes during the internal review meetings and transcribing these notes for the purposes of documenting what occurred during these meetings leading to nominating decisions; helping create packets for the internal reviews; managing the limited submission content on the CFE website, and other support functions to coordinate and track limited submission award reviews and follow-up.

Education:  College graduate or graduate student working on Master’s or doctoral degree 

Essential Skills:

  • At least one year of experience as an administrative support assistant
  • Having the ability to take good notes at meetings
  • Demonstration of strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and meeting quick turn-around deadlines
  • Have computer knowledge in Microsoft Office applications
  • Having a laptop and the ability to work a combination of remotely and on site
  • Willing to learn how to create and update website content

Preferred Skills:

  • Having a Bachelor’s degree in one of the basic sciences or biomedical fields
  • Basic understanding of grant-making processes
  • Basic understanding of working with private foundations and corporations related to grant funding or fund-raising/philanthropy
  • Familiarity with limited submission awards
  • Some experience with website management

Please send cover letter and resume expressing interest to Sohini Sengupta,

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