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About the OCDOA and Transportation for Seniors

Orange County’s Department of Aging (OCDOA) is committed to educating older adults about the availability and use of existing transportation services, taking leadership to foster cooperation and collaboration among Orange County’s transportation providers, and working with local stakeholders to expand the current transportation system and create alternatives such as volunteer driver programs. Current services include:

  • A dedicated Transportation Helpline is available M-F 8am-5pm. The Helpline receives an average of 85 calls per month from clinicians looking for transportation resources for a patient or a resident who is becoming temporarily or permanently transit-dependent.
  • The Volunteer Driving Program (VDP) provides necessary trips for seniors that have no existing public or non-public transit options that meet their needs. The program has grown from nine to fifteen volunteer drivers and has provided 426 one-way rides this past year.
  • Community outreach and travel training provided through regularly scheduled speaking engagements, community events, classes, day trips, and one-on-one trainings
  • Master Aging Plan (MAP) Transportation Work Group serves as a hub for improving transportation in the area by bringing together social service, transit, and health organizations for regular meetings to improve transit.


About the position

The Transportation Intern will focus on expanding Orange County’s Volunteer Driver Program (VDP) through co-development of a ride share web/mobile app with a non-profit partner, Code the Dream. Additionally, the intern will be working with the Aging Transitions team on a virtual event planned for early December for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week.


  • Become a team player in order to provide seniors with more transit opportunities via community education, new technologies, and one-to-one training
  • Enjoy working with a diverse set of stakeholders to accomplish a high-priority community goal
  • Have an interest in project management; specifically, planning, marketing, and implementing a community-wide event
  • Be self-directed, take initiative, troubleshoot challenges, and reach out proactively for support

The ideal candidate will be a UNC graduate student in City and Regional Planning, the School of Government, Public Health, Public Administration, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, or a similar discipline. The expected commitment is 6 hours of work/week throughout the academic year, September 2020 to May 2021, for a wage of $20/hour. The intern will be encouraged to participate in a weekly (virtual) meeting with Code the Dream on Mondays at 1pm. Other hours are flexible and can be performed on-site or remotely.


To apply

Interested students should submit a resume and cover letter to Alison Smith, Transportation Specialist, at Priority will be given to applications received before September 14, 2020.

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