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The Graduate External Funding Survey is now active!

The Graduate School is seeking to identify students who have obtained external funding for their graduate education. By reporting any external funding that you are receiving, you may become eligible for official recognition by the University. You will also be assisting the University in its efforts to remain a leading research institution. This survey is brief and is expected to take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Please report any external funding that will support you in your academic program during the 2021-2022 academic year (July 1, 2021-June 20, 2022). You should report funding for each year that you are supported. (For example, if you win a three-year award, you should report it each year for three years.)


Click here to take the survey!


Eligibility criteria

  • External funding: You must have applied directly to a sponsor outside of the University. Funding applied through a UNC research center is not eligible, even if the funding originates from an external agency.
  • PI requirement: For funding related to research projects, you must be listed as the Principal Investigator (PI). You cannot have been nominated by your department for the award.
  • Compete with non-UNC applicants: The funding must be awarded through a widely competitive process. You must have competed directly with students from other universities or other external applicants
  • No service requirement: You must not be required to conduct work outside of your research or return to a paid position in exchange for the funding.

Examples of ineligible awards:

  • Award competitions that are only open to UNC graduate students or local graduate students
  • UNC Institutional training grants/traineeships
  • Internships or employer-paid benefits
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